Working for Book No Further

Bookselling is approximately 25 percent about books and 75 percent about business. Booksellers are involved in selecting books, of course, but also in talking to customers, creating displays, working a cash register, conducting online research, problem solving, directing crowds at events and a lot of other things, including, alas, taking out the trash and cleaning. 

As a small, owner-operated business Book No Further employs polite, well-behaved individuals who are first and foremost

  • enthused about working with others and the public
  • willing and able to talk about books, and
  • enjoy a literary environment.

While our need for new employees is rare, we would like to know about your interest in our store. We maintain a file of resumes and letters of interest and do not generally advertise openings. All of our employees, to date, have expressed an interest in our store well in advance of an opening and were familiar with our philosophy, our environment and our offerings when we contacted them based on information we had on file. 

If you are interested in working for Book No Further, email a resume and cover letter, which should include information on any applicable experience, what you like to read and your availability, to

Please note

  • While you are welcome to visit the store and drop off a resume and letter, our operations are almost completely digital and we need the information mailed to us for future consideration.
  • There is no need to call the store as we will refer you to this page.
  • You must be sufficiently interested and capable of contacting us directly. Please, no parental inquiries. 

If you are not interested in following our process, this is not the place for you. 

Send your letter and resume to: