The Wall at the End of the World

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SKU: 978180032026S
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Amanda Cockrell
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Damian Hunter
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Canelo Adventure
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Save lives… Or take them? A gripping novel of the Roman frontier.

Army Medic Postumus Justinius Corvus is a long way from his native Britannia, in the Syrian provinces at the far corner of Empire. But now he is going home, unexpectedly promoted to Senior Surgeon in the Sixth.

The new Emperor faces problems in the far flung island at the edge of Empire. Trouble is brewing north of the Wall. The tribes are stirring, a new conflict is brewing, old and new loyalties will be tested.

Postumus will find himself at the heart of the maelstrom – and with his hands soaked in blood...

Deeply researched an utterly enthralling, this is a searing historical epic perfect for fans of Ben Kane, Conn Iggulden and Bernard Cornwell.