Selling Your Book at Book No Further

Book No Further is especially committed to promoting local authors and books about Western Virginia, Appalachia and the South. Our holdings feature books are relevant to our customers base and reflective of our mission We carry only books that are well written and produced and of interest to our clientele. 

If your book is published by a major, university, independent or small press, please complete this form.

Books from hybrid/paid publishers, self-published books and books not available from our Ingram Content are screened and accepted on a case-by-case basis.  Please read the following information and complete the application.

If you have not visited our store, you are strongly encouraged to do so before you submit a book.

Program Details

  • Books MUST meet the following standards:

    • High-quality writing

    • subject matter of appropriate for and of interest to our customers.

    • professionally edited, designed, proofed, printed and bound

    • present as appropriate to the material and to industry graphic standards

    • book title & author name on spine

    • include an ISBN number on the book

    • available from Ingram Content at industry standard discounts.

  • All books will be read, in part or full, by staff member or designee before approval. Decisions are made on a book-by-book basis and are final.

  • Books submitted without completed online form will not be read or otherwise considered. Online forms submitted without a book will not be considered until the book is received.

  • Books accepted into our inventory will be shelved and/or displayed solely at the discretion of Book No Further with no guarantee of placement or display.

  • Book No Further does not pay for initial stock. At the end of six weeks, Book No Further will render payment for any stock that has sold and determine whether to purchase additional stock. The store no longer accepts books for consignment sale. 

  • Please a separate form for each book you would like considered. If your book is part of a series the first book must be accepted before you submit additional books in the series.

  • Book No Further reserves the right to limit the number of titles or exclude any book for any reason.

  • Books not accepted for must be picked up within 30 days of author notification; otherwise, the books become the property of BNF and will disposed of at the store’s discretion.

  • Book No Further is not responsible for missing stock.

The Author agrees to promote the availability of the book at Book No Further alongside any promoted sales channel including, but not limited to, Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Any digital promotion must include a link to

Note: The foremost reason Book No Further declines to accept a book is because of poor production.  A formal critique of your book (before or after submission) is available by appointment and for a fee from Book No Further.  Contact the store for more information.

To submit a book for sales consideration, complete online application and submit a physical copy of your completed book (or advanced reader copy) to Book No Further.  Incomplete applications and books submitted without completing the online form will not be considered.

By submitting this application you acknowledge that you have read the program details, agree to the terms and conditions, and understand that all decisions are made by Book No Further on a book-by-book basis and are final.