Plenty of parking in Downtown Roanoke

TOWER GARAGE - only 187 steps from Book No Further's door (152 if you cut through the grass). That's 1 minute 28 seconds. New paint and LED lighting - It's TOTALLY lost it's creepy,1980's slasher-movie vibe.    Directional signing, though, is a bit wanting, so

... follow these directions:

  • From Salem Ave turn on Market St toward the railroad tracks (beside Billy's)
  • Turn left on Norfolk
  • Turn left into the garage. 

HOW to get in out of the Tower Garage for free Saturday 8 am - 4 pm and all day Sunday

  • Pull up to gate
  • Take ticket
  • Find a spot
  • Leave before 4 pm on Saturday or 9 pm on Sunday
  • At the exit gate: insert the paper ticket. 

If you entered before the free time starts, or after it ends, you will need to pay: 

Before going to your car, 

  • take your ticket to the kiosk on Level Two
  • Pay with Credit Card or Cash - you will be charged only for the time outside of the free hours. 
  • Use the ticket to get out of the gate. 

STREET PARKING - Check out the map below - all those blue lines are free parking - 1-2 hours during the week, FREE on weekends. Purple lines are free first hour during the week, free all weekend.  (Printable Map)

**Please BEWARE:  Premiere Parking lot 115 Campbell Ave SE (and other private downtown lots) use variable pricing and do NOT post rates. Customers are reporting exorbitant charges on their credit cards. Please consider using the free or metered street parking or city parking garages when visiting Book No Further. 

TOTALLY 100% UNOFFICIAL MAP - Please check street signs when you park.