False Evidence

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James Chandler
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Severn River Publishing
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After a fall-out with his business partner and a breakup with his girlfriend, lawyer Sam Johnstone thinks a long vacation might be just what the doctor ordered.

Before he can quit town Sam gets a call from Lucy Beretta, the wife of the missing local college president. With a shocking accusation against an acquaintance and a plea for protection, Lucy derails Sam's plans for a quiet escape.

But when her alleged attacker turns up dead, Lucy is charged with his murder-and Sam is appointed to represent her. As he struggles to prepare his defense, Sam discovers that Lucy is lying-about a lot of things. The facts are not in her favor, and to make matters worse, Lucy is also a suspect in her husband's disappearance.

If Sam is successful, a guilty woman may go free-and if he's not, he will have failed at his job. Facing a client who can't seem to tell the truth, an aggressive prosecutor eager for a conviction, and an ethical dilemma of epic proportions, Sam faces his most challenging case yet.