Virtual Author Event with Appalachian Naturalist David Parrish

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Appalachian naturalist David Parrish will present his new book The Gyroscope of Life in a virtual event  Friday, June 5 at 4 pm. The book "brings biological studies to the curious nonscientist in an accessible and relevant way, inspiring readers to consider the world around us in a new light." 

Society simplifies challenging concepts by thinking of them as binary systems: life/death, female/male. The Gyroscope of Life asks what if these concepts are more complex than mere opposites? Parrish dives beneath the surface of some seemingly straightforward biological topics to provide a fresh look at the world, and the ways in which we imagine it. 

Parrish, professor emeritus at Virginia Tech, was instrumental in establishing the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences' environmental science program.  He has degrees from East Tennessee State, Wake Forest, and Cornell universities and has authored or co-authored more that 50 research articles, a plant science textbook, and several scientific reviews and book chapters."

Admission is free, registration is required. 

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Friday, June 5, 2020 - 4:00pm
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Virtual Event
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