Cultures of Program Planning in Adult Education (Kobo eBook)

Cultures of Program Planning in Adult Education By Bernd Käpplinger, Steffi Robak, Marion Fleige, Aiga von Hippel, Wiltrud Gieseke Cover Image
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This book is a unique approach in relating mutually international and comparative research from scholars on program planning for adults. Program planning is about needs, finding topics, making offers and bundling different contents. It makes organizations of adult education visible and contributes to their existence and is therefore a core activity of the professionals in adult education. The volume originates from an international conference hosted by Leibniz-University Hannover, which was organized by a plural expert group with key actors at Humboldt-University Berlin and the German Institute for Adult Education. The authors demonstrate the unique research method program analysis and present archives which offer an established infrastructure for heterogeneous research questions.

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ISBN-13: 9783631720127
Publisher: Peter Lang GmbH, Internationaler Verlag der Wissenschaften
Publication Date: May 19th, 2017