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Schools are generally oriented towards discipline-based programmes and therefore students often accumulate fragmented knowledge, disconnected from real life concerns. The eighteen contributors to this work suggest that music offers a highway to developing a more appropriate integrated education. They present a range of views on Integrated Music Education rooted in various cultural traditions, based on several interdisciplinary models and integrated arts curricula, inspired by psychological concepts and referenced to recent teaching experiments as well as original research.

In this innovative book, the reader is invited to go beyond the dichotomy between ‘education in music’ and ‘education through music’, exploring the opportunities put forward by Integrated Music Education thanks to a constant movement from the theoretical roots through a precise description of teaching activities to the benefits for students in terms of integration of knowledge, personal development, and social and cultural belonging. Lastly, there are some new and interesting ideas for training teachers.

Ausgehend von einer Reihe kultureller Traditionen, interdisziplinären oder integrierten künstlerischen Ansätzen, psychologischen Konzepten sowie originären Erfahrungen und Forschungen, stellen die Autoren dieses Buches den Reichtum einer ‘integrierten Musikpädagogik’ für die schulische Bildung vor und reflektieren, wie Lehrpersonen für diese Herausforderung qualifiziert werden können. Jedes Kapitel enthält eine Zusammenfassung in deutscher Sprache.

Se basant sur certaines traditions culturelles, sur des approches interdisciplinaires ou d’intégration des arts, sur des concepts issus de la psychologie ou encore sur des expériences et recherches originales, les contributeurs de cet ouvrage exposent les richesses d’une ‘éducation intégrée de la musique’ en milieu scolaire et réfléchissent à la manière de former les enseignants pour relever ce défi. Chaque chapitre dispose d’un résumé en français.

"Overall, Integrated music education makes an important contribution to this emerging field – both in terms of theory and practice to help educators and researchers reflect on and promote the possibilities of integrated learning and through music within varied 21st century school systems – and the book’s publication is one that all contributors can feel proud of having achieved."
(Dr. Karen Ludke, in DIDACTICAE, 8 (2020), pp. 213-216)

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