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This book is a love letter to the free press. It is Julian H. Walker’s personal memoir as a citizen and reporter which calls for a healthier New Brunswick free press—one that is more diverse, competitive, independent, and feisty. Through its traditional emulation of KC Irving and his family’s empire, New Brunswick has grown used to one-owner control of two key sectors, the media and large industry. Walker argues these two need not be mortal enemies, but they should not march forward hand in hand.

Journalists are on a constant journey in pursuit of facts and the truth. If they do their job well, they bring new realities to light, promoting discussion and debate. In doing so, they help bring about positive change.

In his memoir, Walker takes us through numerous examples of the perils of a wires-crossed relationship, notably in New Brunswick but also to an increasing extent across North America. Despite such examples, this book is affectionate toward such Irving family members as noted conservationist, JK Irving, eldest son of KC, and Ralph Costello, Irving loyalist and publisher of the flagship daily, Telegraph-Journal.

The danger to the New Brunswick free press stems mainly from the wires-crossed relationship between the Irving Press and Irving industry. Under this structure, the Irvings are simply covering themselves in their own media. Walker argues that a strong and independent free press, whether digital or on newsprint, is vital for assuring good government in North America and the survival of Liberal Democracy itself.

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ISBN-13: 9781525596421
Publisher: FriesenPress
Publication Date: September 20th, 2021