Using Art to Teach Writing Traits (Kobo eBook)

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Our purpose for writing this book is so that children can become better communicators by expressing their thoughts, feelings and ideas. The ability to communicate is a universal goal in society. If children can better communicate in their speaking and writing, clearer more precise messages will be received, and communication around the world will be strengthened. The writing traits are a way for teachers and children to discuss and analyze written pieces, for strengths and needs, in order communicate their thoughts and expresses their ideas through writing in a way that touches their audience. Adding art into this established process will allow children to learn about the writing traits in a text-free environment before applying the traits to their own writing. Children will learn how artists communicate their thoughts, feelings and ideas, and how the traits that writers use are similar to the traits that artists use in order to better communicate, express themselves, and process the world around them. In addition, we will discuss the revision and editing process. Art is an exciting and engaging subject for students. This book will allow children to transfer their knowledge of how artists use the traits, to how writers use the traits, and then to how they can utilize the traits in their own writing, to better communicate with their audience and process the world around them.

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ISBN-13: 9781475839944
Publisher: National Art Educators Association
Publication Date: November 23rd, 2018