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An analogy is a comparison between two things. It points out the similarities between two things that might be different in all other respects. Analogies cause us to think analytically about forms, uses, structures, and relationships.

First Time Analogies is the ideal launching pad to start nonreaders on the road to real thinking experiences with these pictorial and symbolic analogies that are both challenging and motivating. The book is divided into four sections that let you introduce analogies in a developmental way. The levels are:

  • recognizing relationships;
  • choosing one item to complete the analogy;
  • given two items, choosing two other items that have the same relationships; and
  • pairing up four items to complete two related pairs.

Exercises are presented on worksheets that require circling the correct answer, as well as cutting out pictures and pasting them in the correct spaces. Attractive illustrations will draw students into the engaging exercises. Although they think they are just solving fun puzzles, they will be doing serious thinking and building a basis for future experiences in critical thinking.

This is the first in a series of books that introduce analogies at varying difficulties and formats. The other books are Analogies for Beginners, Analogies for the 21st Century, Thinking Through Analogies, and Advancing Though Analogies.

Grades K-2

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ISBN-13: 9781000493009
Publisher: Routledge
Publication Date: September 9th, 2021