A Thing or 2 About a Kangaroo (Large Print / Paperback)

A Thing or 2 About a Kangaroo By Randy Valentine Madison, Randy Valentine Madison (Illustrator), Randy Valentine Madison (Editor) Cover Image
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Get ready to bounce into a world of excitement and discovery with "A Children's Book Showing You A Thing or 2 About a Kangaroo." This enchanting children's poetry picture book is packed with fascinating fun facts that will leave young minds hopping with curiosity.

Join our young adventurous tour guide as you leap into a journey to the land Down Under, where kangaroos roam free. With each turn of the page, unravel the mysteries of these marvelous marsupials. Did you know that baby kangaroos have a surprising way of growing up? And wait until you hear the incredible tales of their adventures

But that's not all - more surprises await you. From the kangaroo's unique habitat to their extraordinary abilities, this book bursts with captivating details that will have you eager to learn more. Can you guess what baby kangaroos are called?

With delightful illustrations that bring the kangaroo's world to life, "A Thing or 2 About a Kangaroo" is a captivating blend of education and entertainment. From the creator of "Yarn: A Tail of 2 Kittens" (A Children's Book that even adults would love), join this adventure to uncover secrets, encounter astonishing behaviors, and dive into the vibrant landscapes that kangaroos call home.

This enchanting tale is perfect for young readers who love to explore and learn about the wonders of the animal kingdom. As you flip through the pages, you'll be inspired to ask questions, imagine new worlds, and discover the extraordinary in the ordinary. Prepare for a kangaroo-filled journey that's as surprising as it is educational - a delightful experience that promises laughter, learning, and lots of fun

For Kids ages Baby -8 / pre-school - 4 grade

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Product Details
ISBN: 9798988805205
Large Print: Yes
Publisher: Valentine
Publication Date: August 25th, 2023
Pages: 40
Language: English