Thirteen Lunations: A Celebration of Time (Paperback)

Thirteen Lunations: A Celebration of Time By Julie Mersch Cover Image
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"Recently, I've come to realize this isn't really a book: it's a luni-solar calendar. Yes, I did write a book to keep it company (a collection of true stories and poems that can keep you company too), on the calendar's opposing, right-hand pages, but in truth what's shown here is a sample luni-solar calendar (on the left-hand pages) with a detailed explanation about how it works. I found an interesting and appropriate factoid for each calendar page, mostly having to do with space or the origins of names.

The companion book - seasonally appropriate and including holiday traditions, folklore, bits of history, more starry science and/or lore, a few recipes, and even a game (at the very back of the book), includes an excavation into the origins of our current calendar and takes a peek at what's known of a European one in use previously. Digging even deeper, it explores the names of our current weekdays and the old Anglish gods behind them, inadvertently drawing back a small part of the curtain shrouding Europe's earth-friendly roots. The whole collection was born of the author's longing for a more organic way of telling time."

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ISBN: 9798987775400
Publisher: 13th Lunation Books
Publication Date: October 28th, 2023
Pages: 336
Language: English