The A.I. Parent: How artificial intelligence is helping me become a better father (Hardcover)

The A.I. Parent: How artificial intelligence is helping me become a better father By Kunal Dalal Cover Image
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One fine day I was sincerely struggling to explain the term "solidarity" to my child, and it occurred to me to ask OpenAi's newest publicly available artificial intelligence chatbot, ChatGPT how I may explain the concept to a 3-year old boy. The results opened my eyes and I started wondering how generative AI might help me in other aspects of parenting as well.

What followed was months of shamelessly prompting ChatGPT at their visual art AI, Dall-E for questions ranging from the most basic things to building connections that I scarcely believed. So I put together some of the work I have been doing, and my hope is that is raises some questions for yourself as you consider how these powerful tools might add something to your toolbelt.

What I hope to share with you in this book is two-fold.

  1. Six short chapters where I will try and demonstrate some of the moments that helped me as a father, and how I imagine these tools might help us even more as they develop and improve.
  2. I will share three blog posts I wrote while in the throes of early parenthood. These posts are titled "Story Time" for clarity and they appear every two chapters.

The Contents of the Book:

  • Introduction
  • Story Time #1: I didn't want to love anything this much
  • Chapter 1: What in the hell does AI have to do with parenting?
  • Chapter 2: Answering the "Why"s
  • Story Time #2: Tips for a dad wearing his baby
  • Chapter 3: Building uniquely creative connections
  • Chapter 4: Using AI generated art to visualize ideas and have some fun
  • Story Time #3: The incredibly sad moment you realize you're a nobody
  • Chapter 5: Helping you through some of the loneliest experiences as a parent
  • Chapter 6: A little healing
  • Conclusion

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ISBN: 9798986681474
Publisher: Kunal Dalal
Publication Date: May 1st, 2023
Pages: 56
Language: English