Self-Love: Keys to Solving Your Problems from the Inside Out (Paperback)

Self-Love: Keys to Solving Your Problems from the Inside Out By Robbin Kay Beohourou M. S. Lmft Cover Image
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Life is happening; you can't stop it nor control it completely. Through genuine self-love, you can get through the various problems in life. Self-love gives you the opportunity to be accountable and responsible for your life. Do you want to learn to not always react on a ten but learn to respond on a three to four or lower? Do you want to learn to take control of the one thing that you can be in control of, which is self? Why not love self? Walking the path of self-love will decrease anxiety, depression, and stress and will increase esteem, confidence, and worth. Self-love, it goes beyond self-care maintenance. Self-love is a way of life. It is the everyday purposeful, intentional, proactive, mindful never-ending journey in life. From a Christian, mental health, and visionary of self-love perspective, we all come from different walks of life, but the one thing we all have in common is love. Utilizing this journal, you gain keys with a step-by-step explanation of why the key is purposeful in fostering self-love. The personal journal space is vital, you're able to process and reflect on thoughts and feelings. The personal journal space is your neural muscular exercise. Journaling is the opportunity to be open and honest with yourself. Throughout every key given, you will participate in self-reflection on how you utilize the key currently or how you don't have access to the key and what you'll do to gain entry to your self-love. The journal consists of various techniques utilized in mental health that has assisted clients with self, relationships issues, parenting, work stress, and much more.

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ISBN: 9798886852196
Publisher: Christian Faith
Publication Date: February 15th, 2023
Pages: 120
Language: English