Yep..True Story: Can't Make This Sh*t Up (Paperback)

Yep..True Story: Can't Make This Sh*t Up By Kurt Rasmus Cover Image
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Growing up on a farm, you see a lot of things that blow your mind as a child. It gives you a chance to experience things that many people can never imagine. As an adventurous child, I did a lot of "stupid" things. Some ended up funny, some did not. But this didn't stop in my childhood. We spent many years on hog farms and had some very unusual situations Throughout the rest of my life, my family and I would own and enjoy around 40 different kinds of animals. This would include animals such as tigers, lions, bears, buffalo, a wallaby, reindeer, zeedonk, bobcats, and many many others. We owned and operated a traveling petting zoo for many years. We would bring over 30 different kinds of animals into towns and let people pet and play with them. This is where a lot of the stories came from. So, this book is about all the weird and unusual things that happened to me and my family throughout the years. It starts as a kid on a family farm, then many years on hog farms, and ends with the many exotic animal stories. You just can't beat life on the farm

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ISBN: 9798885053723
Publisher: Fulton Books
Publication Date: March 15th, 2023
Pages: 136
Language: English