Basic Skills Training for Every Dog: A Step by Step Guide to Raising a Good Canine Citizen (Paperback)

Basic Skills Training for Every Dog: A Step by Step Guide to Raising a Good Canine Citizen By Bradley Smith Cover Image
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Dogs are mankind's closest friend. Very loving and lovable. This can only be true of a well trained dog. Otherwise, an untrained dog is very annoying and frustrating. It is through training that dogs are purged of the vestiges of wild attributes and refined to become a well behaved pet and companion that we all love them to be. Consequently, dog training is a prerequisite for every dog owner who intends to experience dog as a loving and lovable pet rather than a wild animal.

For you to enjoy your dog, there are basic life skills you need to teach them. These skills are fundamental to their well-being, safety and survival much same way they are necessary to make you a happy and successful dog parent. This book embodies those skills with a step by step guide on how to impart them on your puppy in the most mutually rewarding and friendly manner. Put differently, guided by this book, you and your dog will experience dog training sessions as fun and intimate bonding experience to always look out for.

Written with simplest English to make readability and comprehension possible even to worst of dummies, the book is spiced with necessary illustrations and top-notch professional guide on trouble-shooting all possible training difficulties. In the book, you will find best information and tips on:

  • Dog training methods and techniques
  • House training your dog: Potty and crate training
  • Teaching basic cues and commands: Clicker response, name response, sit, down, stand, release, come, stay, take it, leave it and bring it
  • Leash and heel training
  • Dog handling
  • Behavior modification and correction training: Excessive barking, destructive chewing, digging, begging, jumping up and biting
  • Tricks training: spin, handshake, wave on cue, roll over, fetch and play dead
  • Puppy socialization
  • And many more

We consider the above listed as basic skills every dog should be trained to acquire to make him a well behaved pet and a good canine citizen. If you love your pet and desire deep bonding with him, you owe him these basic trainings. You also owe the society the duty to raise a good canine citizen for an ill mannered dog is a threat to the society.

How can I go about achieving this? I can hear you ask that crucial question. The answer is very simple. Make this book your companion and benefit immensely from the author's over 20 years of professional experience as a dog trainer and animal care specialist in the United States of America.

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ISBN: 9798738159282
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: April 15th, 2021
Pages: 264
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