Gender Pronouns: What's The Big Deal? (Paperback)

Gender Pronouns: What's The Big Deal? By Brad Gosse Cover Image
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You call this one officer. You call this one sister. Your teacher at school was referred to as mister. You call this one doctor. You call this one father. You call this one captain. He flies helicopters. You'll call this one highness, or majesty or queen. This man is a sergeant, and he's a marine. Your neighbors name you tried hard to pronounce. So what's the big deal about gender pronouns?. If you call someone sir, and they tell you it's ma'am. Correct yourself. It's easy to get with the program. Some people will ask you to just call them/they. Just be respectful it's not hard to say. By Now you should know that Gender is fluid. Making it an issue is way beyond stupid. You're stuck in the past when you fight social change. Let go of old ideas or get out of the way.

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ISBN: 9798697114070
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: October 13th, 2020
Pages: 30
Language: English