UG-ABLM = Under God, All Black Lives Matter: UG-ALM = Under God, All Lives Matter (Paperback)

UG-ABLM = Under God, All Black Lives Matter: UG-ALM = Under God, All Lives Matter By Reality Harmonizer Bob Cover Image
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There is nothing wrong with having more than one nutritionist group who thinks their nutritional methods can decrease cancer in people's bodies. The same rule applies to the needs of various Ethnic communities. There can be more than one group who has a passion for dealing with the issues that Black, White, Hispanic and American Indian communities face. It is best to have local Christian based groups who care for all lives in their own communities and who recognize that due to political groups who want to divide people according to ethnicity instead of promote peacemaking - it causes different problems in the White communities than the Black communities and visa versa. People in both Ethnicities need support and understanding that points them toward peace and truth rather than falling for lies that promote vengeance and that disregard "Due Process." This book deals with the Human family = We are all one Human family from God, but we all individually have to choose between Satan's lies and God's good Spirit. Those who choose Satan have a completely different destination and agenda than those who choose the loving second life power God. Those who love God also love the Human family and want them to all have the rightful knowledge explored freely to choose the best future. I have created a collective group called "Under God, All Black Lives Matter", because the current "BLM" group is a Communist based group and promoting Communism is their goal rather that what their name suggests. ALL LIVES MATTER UNDER GOD definitely has to be the main focus and foundation, but every life matters whether racist or not, or criminal or not, or any Ethnicity other than Black and White. We are all criminals to one degree or another and God teaches us to "love our enemy neighbors" also, not just our good will neighbors. The UG-ABLM movement is one in the same as UG-ALM, but I talk about all Ethnicities in order to break through the tricks and lies from corrupt government groups that only cater to an Ethnic title while rejecting anyone who is not 100% loyal to their Communist ideals. Black Christian lives matter and Black Republican lives matter and White + Hispanic lives matter in the UNDER GOD, ALL LIVES MATTER movement. I am not declaring myself manager, I am simply the founder of the title and philosophy of the movement for everyone to promote who are against hypocrite political groups who pretend to care about human life when they do not care about any lives or God at all.

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ISBN: 9798674865643
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: August 13th, 2020
Pages: 104
Language: English