Esports, Good Game: Everything you need to know to understand esports (Paperback)

Esports, Good Game: Everything you need to know to understand esports By Juan Carlos Navarro Cover Image
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In this book, you will find the answers to why esports, which have almost fifty years of history, are attracting so much interest from companies, brands and consumers. Why, ultimately, they are becoming much more than a social and economic phenomenon and why not only will they continue to consolidate and grow at such a high rate, but they will also become the real engine of the entertainment sector of the century. XXI.The book also reveals how the intimate relationship of esports with the advancement of New Technologies has not only influenced its consolidation but is going to bring with it, a strong innovation marked above all by the next great qualitative leap that the sector is going to experience in the future thanks to the consolidation of Virtual Reality and Metaverses.Through a journey through its history, its current situation and its immediate future, the reader will be able to know the entire ecosystem that surrounds a highly interconnected sector in which a multitude of leading actors make up a scenario full of opportunities.The book also deals with the secure link that exists between the videogame and esports sectors and draws a socioeconomic profile of the player or gamer that many will probably be surprised. Furthermore, it is that the attractiveness for brands in the industry is not accidental and based on a market accustomed to leading unique experiences with high added value.Nevertheless, beyond the data and figures that the reader will be able to examine, the book is a compendium of ideas that aims to transfer those who for the time become mere observers but who perhaps in the future want to identify opportunities that allow them to enter in esports reliably and safely.Whether you are a professional looking to identify new business opportunities or someone who wants to find out more about esports, this is the book where you can find the first answers to the questions that can often be asked around to the sector. Moreover, everything explained in a pleasant and close language that does nothing but discovers without excessive embellishment a fascinating world.

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ISBN: 9798664689167
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: July 8th, 2020
Pages: 186
Language: English