Arduino: 3 in 1: Beginners Guide + Simple and Effective Strategies + Advance Methods and Strategies To Learn Arduino (Paperback)

Arduino: 3 in 1: Beginners Guide + Simple and Effective Strategies + Advance Methods and Strategies To Learn Arduino By Ethan Thorpe Cover Image
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Manuscript 1:

Quite a few technology boards are responsible for building digital devices. They are actually the bedrock of how these devices function. However, Arduino boards are making immense waves in the digital production world nowadays as it is now primarily used for creating digital devices as well as other interactive materials with the capacity to control things physically, around the human sphere. To make things more clear, this book will enlighten the readers to know more about what Arduino is all about and encourage the best practices for learning and executing Arduino programming from scratch. This book will be a pathway where you'll learn everything you need to know about Arduino programming, step by step.

Some of the few things you will be learning about Arduino in this book include:

  • Arduino's software and hardware as well as several others of the applications that you will be able to make use of in and about the Arduino board.
  • Different Arduino data types available.
  • Strings and Functions
  • Codes for buildup
  • Arrays and sensors
  • Important necessities to remember so you can avoid making mistakes
  • And a whole lot more.

Manuscript 2:

This book is for electronics and embedded system enthusiasts. With the help of our smart little superhero ARDUINO, you'll be able to reproduce many things in your home that you only see in the movies.

We will start from the absolute basics. Hence no prior programming knowledge is required to understand and perform the projects in this book. This book is a complete step by step guide to get acquainted with the Arduino platform and learn how to program the Arduino boards. We will also teach you the C programming language used to program the microcontrollers and basic concepts of the programming.

Arduino is a powerful technology, and you can create any embedded product you can think of. We'll take a look at the different Arduino boards and understand which board is suitable for a particular application. We'll also help you understand how to set up the Arduino IDE and program the Arduino boards. With a little bit of time, some modules, and some sensors, you can turn your home into what used to be only seen in sci-fi movies. The future is now. What are you waiting for?

Manuscript 3:

The advanced Arduino book is designed for all those who love Arduino. As a part of the series publication on Arduino, this book has well-established techniques of exciting projects for those who want to go a step further. In the book, you will learn the control of LEDs, WiFi, audio management, and communications, as well as much more.

The book consist of 10 chapters and, in the introduction, the mechanization of the basic programming knowledge in the Arduino development environment (Arduino IDE).

  • Get the most out of your Arduino.
  • Use WiFi and Bluetooth with Arduino.
  • Optimize your applications.
  • Discover a multitude of sensors and actuators.

The main objective of this book is to expand in-depth knowledge about the Arduino platform to readers who have studied the basic and intermediate Arduino books of this series or those who already have knowledge about the platform and experience in carrying out projects with Arduino.

The exciting world of advanced level Arduino projects are waiting for you inside

Wishing you great success with your future projects with Arduino.

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