Clean Jokes For Teens: Appropriate Joke Book for Kids Ages 14-16 (Paperback)

Clean Jokes For Teens: Appropriate Joke Book for Kids Ages 14-16 By Pinky Monkey Family Press Cover Image
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★ If you are looking for appropriate and funny jokes for your teenager- this miracle just happened ★

✓ Appropriate jokes, that would make your teen kid laugh to his/her last, sorry... actually you will be laughing too

✓ Thanks to this book, your kid will have fun even if the internet connection died.... because we know who forgot to pay the bill...

✓ The jokes are divided into the following categories:

Social media


Mythical (zombies and the rest)


Animals and Insects


Pieces of Advice

Few examples? Why not

◆ I almost forgot to post on Instagram that I'd been to the gym. What a waste of a workout that would have been

◆ My mate has his profile pic as a Porsche. I totally didn't know he's a Transformer.

◆ Ever notice that life is just a series of distractions designed to get you out of bed?

◆ I've realized that I have absolutely nothing of any use to offer, give, or say to the world. So I've joined TikTok.

◆ Deleting your IG account is like running away from home. You're just doing it for attention and you'll be back in an hour.

◆ My mom accused me of being easily distracted. I almost

◆ I'm so Indie I listen to music that doesn't exist

◆ When your older sister says, "I'm not talking to you", what exactly is she doing then?

Ok, time to decide if you want to invest a few bucks in this old-school, screen-free activity, called: "a book" to make your kid laugh. Why not laugh together? If so, then scroll up and click Add to Cart button.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798590367092
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: January 4th, 2021
Pages: 82
Language: English