Children of the Island (Paperback)

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Kori lives in a world of constant danger. Monstrous beasts devour brave hunters; earthquakes shake the island homes of her tribe; and far to the west, Mount Tomomor belches fire into the sky.

She is the chieftain's daughter, privileged yet shunned of her tribe because of her independent, willful nature. Her people live in fear of the Earth Spirits that rule the land with casual cruelty, but Kori refuses to recognize their power. She rebels - and is cast out, forced to fend for herself in the forest on the western shore.

But even as she finds fulfillment there in the arms of a brave warrior, Kori discovers the startling truth about her world. She is determined to enlighten her people, but first must confront a looming catastrophe that threatens to eradicate all life in the place she has come to love.

"If only I could mark this amazing novel as 'to-read again'. Because I definitely will be, very soon." -Goodreads

"Charlotte Prentiss has done a masterful job creating this book. She writes beautifully and so poetically. She is patient and takes her time with the details to bring the story to life. At first when Kori was expressed as different from the rest of her kinfolk and that as a result she was unmated, then she was cast out for 30 days with no defense it seemed very Clan of the Cave Bearish. As the story developed though the plot thickened and it took on a story of its own. It took a different direction entirely than how it began. It was very original with a slight Romeo & Juliet theme. The characters were all different from one another. You had enemies, the good, the bad, the unaware, the superstitious, and the manipulative. So many different characters and all with different personalities and very well developed. The descriptions come alive so vividly in my mind. I think the reason I enjoyed this book so much was that Kori reminds me much of myself." -Amazon

"I really liked this story. While the beginning was rather slow and a little dark (Kori's people's fear of the old ones is at times all-consuming), Kori was a believable heroine, with a likeable personality. Her struggles to be accepted by her tribe, her mother, were at times heart-wrenching. Her eventual romance with a non-tribal male was well-portrayed.
I recommend this novel for fans of 'prehistoric fiction.' You won't be disappointed." -Amazon

Originally published as Island Tribe.

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ISBN: 9798431561856
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: March 14th, 2022
Pages: 286
Language: English