Emotional Self Care for Black Women: A Powerful Mental Health Workbook to Silence Your Inner Critic, Raise Your Self-Esteem, And Heal Yourself (Paperback)

Emotional Self Care for Black Women: A Powerful Mental Health Workbook to Silence Your Inner Critic, Raise Your Self-Esteem, And Heal Yourself By Layla Moon Cover Image
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Have you recently found yourself at the cusp of a mental breakdown or at the center of one?

Do you find yourself struggling to keep your emotions in check? Do you feel yourself crumbling under the weight of your "responsibilities" as a woman in the position of an employee, a partner, or just as a human who is trying to exist? If one or all these questions are issues you can relate with, you are experiencing classic indications of emotional health neglect.

For centuries, black women have been groomed to neglect their emotional health. We are fed with classic anecdotes like, "be strong," "no pain, no gain" and so on. This has mentally conditioned us to regard emotions as soft distractions that somehow make us less of who we are. And this has led to the birth of a generation of women who are so broken and damaged that we believe the relationships we cultivate should function in two settings only; ride or die.

Well, no more of that. It is time to take total control of your life by changing the narrative to fit your version of events and your first step on that journey is with this book, Emotional Self-Care for Black Women.

The attitude we have towards our emotional health has kept us in the way of our own success, causing us to doubt our potential, question our initiatives, and even self-sabotage our upward journey as we progress in various fields in life.

In this book you will:
  • Learn the value, impact, and importance of emotional health in your day-to-day life.
  • Understand what the core aspects of emotional self-care are and how to apply yourself when it comes to managing your emotional health.
  • Unlearn negative "truths" that have defined your actions and reprogram yourself with the right messaging that will transform your experience as a black woman in today's world.
  • Discover the key to cultivating healthy relationships with the right people and the power behind letting go of toxic circumstances even when your inner critic might be responsible for creating the toxicity within.
  • Free yourself from the burden of the past by understanding how to embrace the lessons learned from failures and mistakes and converting those lessons into the pillars for your next successful adventure.
  • And so much more...

Life is a lot brighter and more exciting when your emotional health is prioritized and consistently catered to. And the fact is, you deserve all the happiness and success that you seek in this world. But sometimes, you need to create the right conditions on the inside to build the life you want on the outside and your first step to accomplishing that is purchasing this book and turning this page over.

So if you're ready to start your transformation, grab this book today.

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ISBN: 9798413774205
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: February 7th, 2022
Pages: 158
Language: English