SSAT & ISEE Vocabulary III (Paperback)

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SSAT (Middle/Elementary) & ISEE (Middle/Lower) Vocabulary III
This is the third volume of the bestselling "SSAT & ISEE Vocabulary" book and has been written due to the strong demand from students, teachers and parents.

Helping you learn hundreds of words quickly with;
Fun Cartoons, Synonyms/Antonyms & Sentences for EACH Word

To improve your memory you must increase the number and variety of your mental associations.
When you learn new words, make sure you learn them in a context.
It is far easier to remember a picture than an abstract concept.
So the trick to remember an abstract word, is to turn it into a picture.
And..... It is much easier to picture a sentence rather than picture a word in isolation.

When you create the picture, make sure it meets one or more of the following criteria so that it 'sticks'.

OUT OF PROPORTION - In all your images, try to distort size and shape. You can imagine things much larger than their normal size or conversely, microscopically small.

SUBSTITUTION - You could visualise footballers kicking a television around a football pitch instead of a football, or pens growing on a tree instead of leaves.
Substituting an out of place item in an image increases the probability of recall.

EXAGGERATION - Try to picture a very large quantity in your images.

MOVEMENT - Any movement or action is always easy to remember.

HUMOR - The funnier, more absurd and zany you can make your images, the more memorable they will be.

Applying multiple combination of these five principles when forming your images will help make your mental associations truly outstanding and memorable.
At first, you may find that you need to consciously apply one or more of the five principles in order to make your pictures sufficiently ludicrous.
After a little practice however, you should find that applying the principles becomes an automatic and natural process.

Some UNIQUE features of this book;
-All the hard work done for you.
Over 200 words converted into pictures utilizing the concepts above
-Focus on words likely to appear in the SSAT (Middle/Elementary) & ISEE (Middle/Lower) Exams
-Synonyms/Antonyms and Sentences for EACH word
-Over 1500 high frequency SSAT/ISEE words in total.

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