AI Age Calculator, PCET Calculator And PCET Medical Calculator (3rd Edition) (Paperback)

AI Age Calculator, PCET Calculator And PCET Medical Calculator (3rd Edition) By Peter Chew Cover Image
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When the Covid-19 pandemic occurs, schools must be closed or partially opened, which affects teaching and learning. Educational innovations to deal with epidemics such as Covid-19 and other urgent epidemics are very important. However, some areas of mathematics are still incomplete today, making some mathematical problems difficult or impossible to solve because today's online calculators and math applications, photo math applications and calculators contain only the knowledge already stated in the book such as the sine and cosine rule .

There are some incomplete and incorrect answers from Wolfram Alfa, Symbolab, and MathPortal as of Feb 14, 2023. This will cause students to reduce their interest in using today's technological tools and hinder the promotion of effective mathematics learning. Therefore, a new Technical Tool for solve this problem with complete design is needed today to help teach and learn in higher education, which is the main goal of the creation of PCET calculator.

The PCET calculator design covers some future knowledge like Peter Chew rule that has not yet been covered in any textbook as of today. Peter Chew rule is created to solve the some math's problem mention directly as complement rule of topic solution of triangle. PCET calculator having special functionalities.

Use future knowledge in PCET calculator design, such as Peter Chew Rule for solution of triangle Chew, Peter, 2019], Peter Chew Method for quadratic Equation Chew, Peter, 2019] and Peter Chew Theorem for quadratic surds Chew, Peter, 2021]. It enables the PCET calculator to solve some problems that currently cannot be solved by online calculators, math applications. Another goal of the PCET calculator is to help students to gain interests and promote effective learning in mathematics by mathematical game.

PCET calculator ( https: // ) can solve all the problems in some particular field of mathematics. When the future epidemics such as Covid-19 occur, it can effectively help mathematics teaching, especially for students studying at home. The PCET calculator has been extended to medical formulas, that is, the PCET medical formula calculator. Currently, the PCET Medical Formula Calculator can use the existing formula or Peter Chew formula to calculate the covid-19 vaccine efficiency.

In addition to updating some information, the 3rd Edition also adds Simple Knowledge information and Peter Chew Method for Solution Of Triangle.

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ISBN: 9798215606629
Publisher: Pcet Ventures (003368687-P)
Publication Date: February 14th, 2023
Pages: 136
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