The Exile of the Glen (Paperback)

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Banished from his home. . . A lonely warrior in a strange land . . . A Highlander's last chance . . .
How will Alistair survive when he's nothing but an exile?

After Alistair MacNally had been banished from the Highlands and is nursed back from the brink of death by an angel-like healer named Lioslaith. She and her daughter live on the edge of civilization, and they offer Alistair shelter in this new land. He befriends her sisters, adores her daughter, and harbors a rising passion for the fairy-like woman who sacrificed much to keep him safe.Can he keep his passions for Lioslaith under control? Or will his base desires get the best of him again?

Lioslaith is a woman known for her occupation -- a healer and "comfort" woman for the local clan. Thinking this life is all that she will ever know for herself and her daughter, she is surprised when Alistair falls into her world. More surprising, her heart falls for this secretive stranger as well.

Alistar, though, is just as broken as Lioslaith, and together they form a shaky relationship of love and trust.

However, his reputation as a traitor and English spy has followed him to the isles. As he tries to forge a new path and find his new purpose with Lioslaith and her family, accusations about him sow discord with the local clans.

When the accusations turn on Lioslaith, Alistair finds he could lose her forever unless he does something he's not done before -- he must fight for her. Can Alistair find the strength to save this woman who has given him back his life and stolen his heart?

This stunning, page-turning Highlander romance will keep you reading until the very end

Meet The Exile of the Glen, a stunning Sottish historical romance story of redemption in the Glen Highland Romance series. If you like handsome Highlanders, mysterious heroines, and steamy Highlander romances, then discover The Exile of the Glen Get your copy to experience this passionate romance today

The novels in this series are each stand-alone stories and can be read individually in any order, if desired. These historical romances are set in Medieval Highlands and do not shy away from steamy scenes, occasional archaic curses, and accurate scenes of Medieval life

Product Details
ISBN: 9798215024980
Publisher: M.D. Dalrymple
Publication Date: August 2nd, 2019
Pages: 234
Language: English