Spanish Workbook For Adults - Who Says Learning Spanish Can't Be Fun: The 3 Day Guide to Speaking Fluent Spanish (Paperback)

Spanish Workbook For Adults - Who Says Learning Spanish Can't Be Fun: The 3 Day Guide to Speaking Fluent Spanish By Zavier Jepson Cover Image
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Master Spanish in Less Than 30 Days With "Who Says Learning Spanish Can't Be Fun" Today

If you picked up this book, it's for a very simple reason, you want to learn Spanish, and you want to learn it fast. This book is the perfect one for you then. Throughout the course of this book, you will be covering all of the basic foundations of Spanish then tying it up neatly with higher level concepts and vocabulary that will leave you feeling confident in your Spanish knowledge. In other words, this is the best book on the market if you simply want a book that will teach you everything that you need to know about learning Spanish and get you on the ground running with it.

It can be really difficult to learn Spanish in a traditional setting. After all, our minds are made to just memorize things and spout them off. That's not how languages work, and that's not how our brain treats languages. Language isn't just a math problem, nor is it a verse of the Iliad that you need to remember and recite. Language is a living thing, and your brain recognizes this.

In "Who Says Learning Spanish Can't Be Fun" You Will Learn:

  • How To Learn Spanish Quickly
  • Pronunciation, Irregular Verbs, and Basic Spanish Phrases
  • Regular Verbs: Past, Present, and Future
  • Prepositions, Conjunctions, and Starting a Routine
  • Building on Your Routine and Immersion
  • Gaining Fluency FAST

And so much more...

Oh, did I mention that? This book has two different tracks. The 30-day track is less intensive and really takes advantage of your natural language learning mechanisms to help you pick up Spanish extremely fast, naturally. The 3-day track is a rigorous masterclass that will take you from a beginner to a fluent speaker, in not even three days.

This book takes advantage of the natural ways that you learn a language in order to give you the best learning experience possible with Spanish. You'll go from an absolute beginner at the beginning to a fluent speaker by the end, whether you follow the 30-day track or the 3-day track. Regardless of what your goals are with learning Spanish, this book is going to help you accomplish them.

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