High Dimensional Knotting: An Illustrated Guide (Knots and Everything) (Hardcover)

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High Dimensional Knotting: An Illustrated Guide (Knots and Everything) By Dennis Roseman Cover Image
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Focused on concrete examples and constructions and using extensive computer generated three-dimensional graphics, this book serves as a guide to methods and examples of higher dimensional knotting. The book has modest mathematical requirements, has been written with non-specialists in mind and contains considerable background information.Knotting whether fanciful or practical has been of interest to many -- from sculptors to sailors and in more modern times of interest to mathematicians, biologists and physicists as well. Spaces of dimensions greater than three are also of widespread interest in the arts, sciences and engineering as well as mathematics. Knotting and linking of circles can aid us to understand three dimensionality. So, it is natural to consider knotting in order to understand higher dimensions.Knotting in 4-dimensional space involves surfaces -- spheres, tori, Klein bottles and others while in five dimensions one looks primarily at similar tangling and self-tangling of three dimensional objects.Visualization is an important part of this journey and techniques for higher dimensions, especially in 4-dimensional space, are discussed in detail.

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ISBN: 9789813237391
ISBN-10: 9813237392
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company
Publication Date: August 30th, 2024
Pages: 500
Language: English
Series: Knots and Everything