Study of Select Issues in Supply Chain Digitalization (Paperback)

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Supply chain management and supply chain digitalization are the dominant topics for research in the digital era. The research was conducted to address some of the vital problems in the domain of supply chain digitalization. The issues related to supply chain digitalization were considered in an Indian context by choosing representative case studies. Five problems were addressed in this research by developing suitable methodologies. The first problem of the research was to identify and prioritize the customer and design requirements for supply chain digitalization. An integrated analytic network process and quality function deployment methodology has been applied for prioritizing the customer and design requirements. The findings could be effectively used by the practicing managers and academicians in effective decision making during supply chain digitalization. The digital transformation process is influenced by enablers and barriers. Hence, there exists a need to properly identify the enablers and remove the barriers for effective supply chain digitalization, which is considered as the second and third problems respectively. The hierarchical and contextual influences among the key enablers and the barriers affecting the digitalization process are found out using interpretive structural modelling and MICMAC approach. GreyDEMATEL method was also applied to find out the cause-effect relationship among the enablers and barriers. Robustness of the methods used was verified using sensitivity analysis. The policy decision makers could consider the results of this analysis to identify and understand the interrelationships among the key enablers and barriers for effective digitalization of supply chain. The development of a conceptual framework supply chain digitalization is considered as the fourth problem. A framework is developed by using a novel method which involves integrated systems model approach and Data, Information, Knowledge and Wisdom hierarchy and Decision Support System. This study aims to contribute to the literature on a better understanding of the relationship between the major decision making factors affecting digitalization and linking with integrated framework for digitalization. Interpretive Structural Modeling method is used to validate the framework through its evaluation in electronics supply

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Publisher: T.S Deepu
Publication Date: February 3rd, 2023
Pages: 208
Language: English