The concepts of human being and universe in Ayurveda By: Caraka Samhita (Paperback)

The concepts of human being and universe in Ayurveda By: Caraka Samhita By Bhonsale Anuradha Cover Image
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Ayurveda as a system has obtained its place and created a significant

position in the world of healing and therapy. Like most ancient Indian

systems, Ayurveda too has very deep and poignant philosophical basis. It

is one of such systems that incorporate a holistic perspective of the

human -being consisting of the physical body, the mind as well as the

spirit as one aggregate individual. Hence the basis of treatment in

Ayurveda is involved with the deep analysis and methodological

approach of the aggregate individual, his mind and spirit, just as much as

the physical aspects of his body and its ailments. The practice of

Ayurveda in modem times seems to focus significantly upon the physical

aspects of treatment. In my opinion it has not laid adequate emphasis v

upon the mental and spiritual well-being of a person. And it is this aspect

that is the key strength of Ayurveda over other western forms of

treatment and healing. Ayurveda in its fundamental principles accepts the

human being as an aggregate of body, mind and spirit and not just of the v

body as in case of some western systems.

The view that the human being is composed of the spirit, mind, and body

- (- .

holds the key to the philosophical outlook of Ayurveda. Hence Ayurveda

emphasizes that a truly healthy and happy state can be achieved when the

individual has a disease-free and healthy existence at a physical level, a

well balanced peaceful existence at a mental level and an emancipationfocused

existence at a spiritual level.) The modern day practice of .

Ayurveda appears to lay more stress upon the first aspect while the latter,

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