Influence of personality and managerial style values ​​on organizational citizenship behavior (Paperback)

Influence of personality and managerial style values ​​on organizational citizenship behavior By Tapati Roy Yadav Cover Image
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THE IMPACT OF VALUES, PERSONALITY AND MANAGERIAL STYLE ON OCB 23 India as a country has seen rapid rate of growth and development and it has progressed in multiple arenas of intellectual and industrial ability. It has recently seen vast changes and created remarkable benchmarks in field of science and technology. It can thus be said that the past two decades have been greatly stimulating for organizations in India. Though, the organizations have been posed with some threats as well. Developments in technology and changing situations including globalization and increasing diversity in workforce, besides others, have lead to organizations achieving rapid strides in development. But these have also posed certain challenges to the organizations. Organizations are thus constantly striving to deal with such challenges, and many others, in order to ensure high productivity and profitability. In this situation, the most important resource that can help organizations deal effectively with the numerous challenges faced by them is the human resource or human capital. In any organization human capital holds the most valuable space, not because of uproar in perfection, but owing to little imperfection of second thoughts, inquisitiveness, diverse culture and opinion, differential preferences, emotionality, and most importantly the capacity to belong to someone, to someplace, to something. Humans are programmed to remain alert and aware of unusual things unlike machines which cannot read beyond programmed instructions. And these elements that provoke such attitudinal and functional behavior of loyalty without sacrificing personal gratification need to be focused on. Thus, an organization also faces a dual challenge of increasing productivity in organizations without destroying the human element of self respect, commitment, loyalty, satisfaction, belongingness, values, and others.

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