Raising Teenage Boys: You Are Not A Bad Parent - Secrets To Raising Kind, Confident And Responsible Boys (Paperback)

Raising Teenage Boys: You Are Not A Bad Parent - Secrets To Raising Kind, Confident And Responsible Boys By Lindsay Moore Cover Image
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How to nail this parenting thing and raise responsible and happy teenage boys without getting into daily fights...

So, you've brought a young boy into this world, have you?

And now it's your job to raise him into one of society's more prosperous and upstanding young men?


There is no one size fits all recipe for raising young men, and no matter what you do to try and help your son succeed, he will always have a mind of his own. This might put you in a bit of a precarious situation at times, but believe me, there is hope.

Sure, young boys now have access to all kinds of stuff that the young men of generations past couldn't even dream of:

  • From video games and cell phones
  • To social media and internet access
  • Increasingly more vulgar and easily accessible pornography
  • And Google..

How horrible it is that your son can "prove himself right" in just a matter of a few seconds every time any little argument arises.

But, all of this being true doesn't mean you can't still let them know that you love them. That you are there for them no matter what, and that at the end of the day they will always have a warm and caring home to come back to.

You might repeatedly feel like you are failing, but trust me when I tell you that the most powerful thing you can do for your teenage boy is quite simply this - ensure that he knows he is loved.

At the end of the day the rest will always sort itself out. With that, there are also some actionable steps you can take to better assist both you and your young boy.

In "Raising Teenage Boys", you'll discover:
  • Why you are a hero and already changing the world
  • The difference in raising a prince vs. princess
  • How to acknowledge the changes your teenage boy is facing in his everyday life
  • #1 secret to manage your own emotions and communicate effectively
  • How your son's brain is wired in this state of his life and what is the real psychology behind his behavior
  • How to cool down in the heat of the moment and communicate in the most efficient way possible
  • How to be comfortable in an uncomfortable situation and nail the conversations every parent must have with their teenage boys
  • How to deal with modern day addictions
  • How to help your son find purpose and meaning in his life

And much more.

Raising Teenage Boys is a proven methodology of successfully raising young boys into upstanding and highly successful members of society and into the man you've always dreamed they might become.

Even if avoidance is a tempting strategy, understanding your teenage boy is the #1 key to maintain a healthy relationship with your child in the long run.

So, stop letting yourself feel as if you are a bad parent because you are not Instead, let's go ahead and take the necessary action in doing our part to help our young boys navigate this ever more confusing world.

Purchase this book if you want to discover the secret path to raising teenage boys without the stress.

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