The Screaming Codpiece: Ed Greenwood Foreword Edition (Paperback)

The Screaming Codpiece: Ed Greenwood Foreword Edition By Ed Greenwood (Foreword by), David a. Page, Brent Lane Cover Image
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Outnumbered a thousand to one by the vast armies of his nemesis, Lactose the Intolerant, Nectar must somehow unite the Tardblivians or face annihilation. In doing so, he must come to grips with the horrific realization that it will take more than his well-oiled pecs, beefy pancreas, and rippling brains to save them. With little choice, he is forced to turn to an ancient weapon of terrifying power: the Screaming Codpiece. But as with all such things, wielding its incendiary strength comes at a terrible price and not even his burly groin can control the flaming devastation it will unleash upon the world....

About the Author

One half grit, one half gumption, one half gallantry; R.L. McSterlingthong WAS literacy. An author so infused with unadulterated wisdominance, he blew away genre boundaries with his indelible magnitude until the day of his passing. Forged in the fiery crucible of New Jersey, the twin gifts of writing and storytelling weaved themselves into the very fabric of his clothing. At the age of three, he became the youngest best-selling author with his first short story entitled, "What does a Cow Say?". An auto-biographical work, this famed tale chronicled his quest to identify the animal sounds in the barnyard. Dozens of books flowed from his bottomless well of inspiration, but it was not until college that he wrote his pivotal work. "Unicorn Fall" was a game changer in the genre portraying unicorns not only as horses with horns, but as thinking, feeling creatures of mystery. This riveting tale follows the trials and tribulations of Nectar the Barbarian and his trusty companion, Acidophilus as they seek to defeat the vile sorcerer, Lactose the Intolerant. It was this novel that first attracted the attention of famed literary agent, Tanya Denstein, who, after 37 drinks, signed McSterlingthong as a client. Under her careful tutelage, R.L.'s next book, "The League of Ultra-ordinary Personages" was published. Decades later, with hundreds of genre bending novels, books to movie and screenplays under his belt, R.L. McSterlingthong became America's premier fantasy writer. A highly sought after convention and talk show guest, McSterlingthong appeared at thousands of conventions. R.L. had an abiding love for his car. Working with his mechanic, Klaus, he rebuilt his 1977 Oldsmobile Cutlass adding internal fry cookers and the finest Corinthian leather brake pads. This created his car's signature aroma plume of "burger and fries". RL spent over forty-three years practicing Wun-beg-eh, an ancient Canadian martial art that relies on echo location and could often be seen sprinting through the streets of Seattle at 2 A.M. in his traditional ceremonial "invisibility ninja" garb shouting out his echo locating bleats. An avid fencer, R.L. designed and built over 2000 fences in the Puget Sound. As with many fantasy novelists, he was a trained animal psychiatrist and worked tirelessly to assist horses coping with Feline Leukemia and gout. R.L. had many homes but spent most of his time in his lair beneath a power sub-station in downtown Seattle.

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ISBN: 9781978447417
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Publication Date: October 24th, 2017
Pages: 134
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