Mind Trek: My Journey from Panic to Peace (Paperback)

Mind Trek: My Journey from Panic to Peace By Carl J. Mattina Cover Image
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This autobiographical work of Dr. Carl Mattina explores the author's struggles with severe anxiety, panic, and agoraphobia. Dr. Mattina reveals how mental and physical abuse at home and psychological torture from members of the medical establishment aided in causing his self-esteem to plummet, leaving him in the depths of depression at a very young age.

As a young adult, his conflicts with sex and religion forced him to come to terms with his own sexuality and religious belief system. He continued to battle with severe stress, ongoing anxiety, and panic attacks while fighting to make sense of his torn, fragmented emotional state.

The battle was not altogether lost, however. One may witness his transformation to a positive lifestyle full of hope and personal accomplishments brought about by a program called CHAANGE. Dr. Mattina discusses the necessary tools to overcome the symptoms of severe anxiety, panic, and agoraphobia, as well as rebuild self-esteem. After more than forty years, Dr. Mattina has turned fear into love and discovered his life's purpose. Be prepared to experience the author's magnificent journey from panic to peace.

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ISBN: 9781977264428
ISBN-10: 1977264425
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Publication Date: August 10th, 2023
Pages: 216
Language: English