Polly Wants a Lawyer: Cartoons of Murder, Mayhem & Criminal Mischief (Paperback)

Polly Wants a Lawyer: Cartoons of Murder, Mayhem & Criminal Mischief By Nick Downes Cover Image
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If you enjoy humor a bit dark, a tad outrageous with a whiff of the sinister and macabre, then this collection of cartoons, Polly Wants A Lawyer is for you. Long time New Yorker cartoonist Nick Downes has a talent for finding hilarity down the mean streets of law & disorder. Crazed criminals, corrupt cops, tainted juries, chaotic courtrooms, schemers, hustlers and cranks, Downes handles all with a deft comic touch. With Polly Wants A Lawyer, Nick Downes presents a rogues gallery of bitingly funny takes on our sordid world of crime & punishment.

Advanced Praise

"In the venerable tradition of Charles Addams and Gahan Wilson, Nick Downes-with this collection of fabulously bizarre, twisted, and sometimes macabre gags-proves himself to be a cartoonist with a deliciously freaky sense of fun."

-Emma Allen, Cartoon Editor of The New Yorker

"I didn't know I could laugh out loud while gasping in shock, but this book made me do it over and over...Deceptively sweet-looking cartoons that pack a real gut punch. "

-Mike Reiss, Award winning comedy writer and executive producer of 'The Simpsons'

"Nick Downes has never been to jail. He's a good boy."

-Sam Gross, Cartoonist for The New Yorker, National Lampoon, Playboy, and many others

"Nick Downes is one of our greatest living cartoonists. That's right, he's still living."

-Bob Eckstein, New York Times bestselling author, cartoonist

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ISBN: 9781954158146
ISBN-10: 1954158149
Publisher: Humorist Books
Publication Date: November 24th, 2022
Pages: 154
Language: English