Future Daddy the Ultimate Guide for First Time Dads (Paperback)

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Congratulations And Here's How to Become the World's Greatest Dad

Do babies break when you try to change their diapers?

Why do babies vomit and drool so frequently?

How can such a tiny human create such an immensely nasty smell concentrated in a single, used diaper.

So many questions So many worries

Let's face it - fatherhood doesn't come naturally to all dudes.

To make matters worse, most resources are focused on moms-to-be. There are books, support groups and courses all tailored to the needs of new moms. Expectant dads, however, have their specific worries that need to be addressed.

Feeling troubled by the future is nothing but natural. You'll probably ask yourself a ton of questions - will I be able to support my family financially, will I know how to take good care of my child, will the relationship with my partner change forever?

Someone who has gone through the joys and worries of fatherhood can give you all of these answers and more.

As a father-to-be, you need the practical steps to taking the best care of your child. You also (and more importantly ) need emotional support and a good understanding of all the crazy feelings you're experiencing.

Nobody is fully prepared to be a father. So relax a bit, you will do the best you can and you'll succeed

Learning through trial and error, however, is also not an option. After all, your child and your relationship are at stake here.

In Future Daddy, you will discover:

  • The most important things expectant dads should do during their partner's pregnancy
  • The number one birth essential that 99% of new dads aren't prepared for
  • The joys and horrors of the first days after baby comes home
  • How to become a real-life diaper-changing machine
  • One foolproof strategy for getting your baby to fall asleep in a matter of minutes
  • Step-by-step guides to conquering everyday challenges like bathing a baby, getting them dressed, feeding and burping your child, putting baby in a car seat and checking your child's health
  • Common signs of paternal postnatal depression - yes, that's a real thing
  • An iron-clad strategy for keeping relatives out of your business and selecting the parenting style you feel most comfortable with
  • 8 ways your relationship will change after the birth and the most important question of them all - will you ever have sex again?
  • 8 silly, fun and really sweet things you can do to bond with your child
  • And the number one reason why it's ok to act childish and foolish sometimes

And much more

Most fatherhood books focus on the theory. This guide explains the actual experiences that a father has gone through and the tested strategies he utilized in those early days to take good care of his kids. The book is also filled with recommendations by pediatricians and child care specialists concerning the best and safest practices.

Finally, Future Daddy will focus on your emotional health, your perspective and your relationship - important aspects of fatherhood that often remain neglected.

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