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April 2012, Auckland, New Zealand. When twelve-year-old Martyn Brooks wakes up one morning to find himself in a totally unfamiliar world, it's just the start of his nightmare day. He's still in the same bedroom in the same house he's always lived in, but somehow it's all changed. All his belongings in his room are no longer there.

Then a strange woman opens the door and demands he get out of bed, so he won't miss the school bus. If he misses the bus, comes a threat of having to deal with his father over being disobedient.

Even the fact that he should have to go to school has him puzzled, because it's a teacher-only day before the start of the April school holidays. As Martyn dresses, his puzzlement increases. For some reason, his uniform is different - a black top instead of white - and why does he have to wear a cap?

The rest of his house is also strangely different, and he now has a younger sister. When he crosses the road to the bus stop, the boy waiting there is his new younger brother

The trip to school passes through changed streets, and a glance at the morning newspaper brings further startling revelations: It's Friday, April 13, 1962. In some unfathomable way, Martyn has jumped back fifty years in time.

With no clue how to return to his proper time, Martyn has entered a nightmare existence, a day of tribulations and sufferings that will eventually lead to the solving of a fifty-year-old mystery.

(About the Author)

This is the tenth book by Morgan Bruce of Auckland, New Zealand. A retired music teacher, music plays a large part in his writing.

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ISBN: 9781951530860
ISBN-10: 1951530861
Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing
Publication Date: October 11th, 2020
Pages: 342
Language: English