Morna's Legacy: Books 8, 8.5 & 9: Scottish, Time Travel Romances (Paperback)

Morna's Legacy: Books 8, 8.5 & 9: Scottish, Time Travel Romances By Bethany Claire Cover Image
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LOVE BEYOND REACH - BOOK 8: All Morna Conall wants is freedom--freedom to practice and learn about the magic inside her, perhaps then her world wouldn't feel so small. When she finds the spell books and journals of an old mentor, Morna believes she's found the key to her happiness, but when she crosses paths with an injured man in need of help, her plans are derailed. As she spends more time with the strange but alluring man, her dreams change. Maybe magic isn't the only thing capable of expanding her world. As they confess their love for one another, a shared acquaintance from their past plots against them. Will their love be enough to fight the magic that seeks to break them, or will another become the ruler of their lives?

MORNA'S MAGIC & MISTLETOE (A NOVELLA) - BOOK 8.5: Kenna McMillan would do anything for her grandchildren, even accompany one of them hundreds of years into the future for a week of Christmas celebrations with the old witch, Morna. But unexpected guests at the inn upend all of their holiday plans. As she begins to learn more about her new acquaintance, she begins to wonder if her week away could take a romantic turn... Time together ignites their passion for one another, but the undeniable truth that they live worlds apart threatens their bond. And Kenna holds a secret--can she trust Malcolm with the truth of Morna's magic? And even if she does, will their new love for one another be enough to convince him to leave the life he's always known?

LOVE BEYOND WORDS - BOOK 9: Laurel's life bears no resemblance to the love stories she writes. While handsome heroes are easy to imagine, they're much more difficult to find. Years of bad dates with creepy men have left her feeling cynical toward all things related to love. When she and her best friend find themselves caught up in Morna's meddling magic and are transported to 17th century Scotland, Laurel meets a man who threatens to change her attitude toward matters of the heart. As their feelings grow, so does the strength of an evil held captive beneath the castle--an evil that will do anything to escape.

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