Just The Beginning: The New Life Series Book 10 (Paperback)

Just The Beginning: The New Life Series Book 10 By Dale Bouck (Editor), Maureen Burge (Editor), Louise Bouck Cover Image
By Dale Bouck (Editor), Maureen Burge (Editor), Louise Bouck
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Ben Slater felt responsible for everything at the ranch. He had been left for dead after an Indian attack on that very place that his parents had chosen to homestead. On the S. and J. Ranch, the water source for the animals had gone bad. They were in danger of getting sick or worse. Ben's solution to blast with dynamite would cause destruction to the irreplaceable treasure that part of his family was secretly guarding. They needed the clean river water to replace the putrid pond. It would take many men, many days of back breaking work to make a channel. Ben worried. Many projects had to be completed before the winter temperature froze the ground. He needed help or they would lose their homestead land. This land held miraculous blessings. It was special in ways that Ben was yet to learn. They couldn't deal with it all. He had to ask the Indians for help. He asked The People of The Lion, a young new Indian people. They were willing to help. They tried to make the channel by pick and shovel but large old tree roots and huge rocks blocked the way. Would the horses survive? Pressured by time and need, David, Ben's brother-in-law chose to use old, unstable dynamite. After the blasting, blood ran from his ears. He could hear nothing but the screaming sound in his head. Would he be alright? The People asked and prayed. With God's sudden provision, Ben felt strongly compelled to buy the land behind the bluff upriver. The ranch didn't need it. How did God plan for them to use it? Perhaps that land could save the lives of all The Blue Stone Indians including the growing numbers of The People of The Lion, from the harsh reality that the soldiers sought them, to punish them for the deeds of the Winahatah. Meanwhile, a rare, rescued love finds Brother Tim. Now he had a decision to make. Would he return to finish his spiritual training in the seminary and accept his calling to become a Jesuit priest or would he open his heart to a more human calling? A frantic search for all the specially bred white horses of the family revealed that they were not to be found. Who could have taken them? Where are they now? They felt they were still near. Generations later, on a day beyond today, after the rapture, the S. and J. Ranch had avoided the devastation. A heroine stood her ground against the soldiers of the Anti-Christ. A supernatural encounter brought faith to Emily and blessings to those left to live on the ranch through the tribulation. After a very unusual ceremony, the people of the ranch discovered that their time on the earth as joyous Christians, was "Just The Beginning." In this New Life Series, you will see the struggle of a very special family of pioneers, as they build a lasting heritage. In book ten, this final edition, God's plan is revealed to the fragment of the family. Salvation still can be had by those who seek Him.

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ISBN: 9781943984091
ISBN-10: 1943984093
Publisher: Hisgivenstories Lib Publications
Publication Date: October 11th, 2017
Pages: 350
Language: English
Series: New Life