The People of the Lion: The New Life Series Book 8 (Paperback)

The People of the Lion: The New Life Series Book 8 Cover Image
By Dale Bouck (Editor), Maureen Burge (Editor), Louise Bouck
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Two Feathers remembered the many things that had occurred to bring him there. He thought of Willow and the good care she gave Water Bug. He is such a fun little fellow. They are my family now. Great Lion Spirit, why were we three spared? The camp of the Sentu is no more. The raid left devastation and death. We three survived. Now we are here in this camp but not one of their people. They wanted us to join them but that would erase our people forever. We want to stay separate. We are Sentu but I know we will one day become The People of The Lion. I am sure of that. Someday we will have our own camp but for now we are learning the skills we will need. Two Feathers had already learned that not all people or decisions are to be trusted. Before The Blue Stone People returned to their village, five of The Choyinaw, were allowed to join them. These people were being forced to live a lie. Who were they really? What was their real story? It would change The Blue Stone People and their camp. Two Feathers found himself in trouble with the Chief of The Blue Stone People for following the directions of their top hunter. Only by the grace of God and friendship of Father Bob, the people were spared a visit by the soldiers in response for stealing cattle. Others had joined The Blue Stone People. The Abalinah were not what they seemed. The blue stones attracted people and gave status to those who owned and wore them. The truth about the Abalinah and their people was finally exposed setting actions in motion. The Lion of Judah had a plan. Why were Father Bob and the chosen men led to the camp of the Abalinah? You will have to read the book to find that out and what happened to Father Pete? Who was the evil Standing Crane, and what did Sarah discover that affected the lives of so many people?

About the Author

About the author Louise Bouck is a follower of Jesus Christ. She and her husband, Dale, live in Arizona. Together they have raised six children. Until an early retirement from her fulltime job in 2000, not much time was available to allocate to writing or art. Along with many other interests, Louise enjoys painting on location. The lush greenery of Michigan, her home state and the abundant flowers in her grandmother's greenhouses and flower shop all encouraged her eye to appreciate the colors and beauty of nature. After moving to Arizona, the rugged landscape of the mountains and desert stole her heart and took her artistic soul in a new direction. Paintings in many media cover the walls of her studio as she has deliberately turned her creative side more to the discipline of writing.

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ISBN: 9781943984077
ISBN-10: 1943984077
Publisher: Hisgivenstories Lib Publications
Publication Date: August 31st, 2017
Pages: 294
Language: English
Series: New Life