Teewahpanyee The Boy, Two Feathers The Man: The New Life Series Book 7 (Paperback)

Teewahpanyee The Boy, Two Feathers The Man: The New Life Series Book 7 Cover Image
By Dale Bouck (Editor), Maureen Burge (Editor), Louise Bouck
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Teewahpanyee was thirteen when he left for a three day journey that would prove his survival skills. "Be sure you find shelter." That was his father's advice. "If you can, bring back a large deer. It will bring you honor." His mother had taken special care to oil his skin and groom his jet black hair. He proudly wore his spirit pouch that she had made. He walked his horse through the village toward the woods. The people applauded and called his name, encouraging him. He didn't know that it was the last time he would ever see them alive. The first night he slept beside the small stream that brought water to his village. The first deer he saw was smaller than he had hoped. He shot his arrow and missed as it leapt away. That night the sky filled with storm clouds. The rain came making it difficult to start a campfire. The wet wood produced more smoke than flames. He had forgotten his father's advice. As he sat near his fire, loudly pronouncing his disappointment and apologizing to the spirits he believed in, a large Spirit Lion approached his fire and sat down across from him as a Chief might at a council meeting. "Teewahpanyee, you must return to your village. You are needed there. Do not fear. I will be with you." It moved away flicking its tail, sending a small bit of golden hair floating to snag on a rock near him. He struggled to keep warm until early light. Upon rising, he was able to remembered the entire scene clearly, the huge lion and its strange message. He picked up the soft hair left by the lion, with reverence and carefully tucked it into his spirit pouch. It was tangible validation that the Spirit Lion was real. Both his mind and heart told him that the message was authentic. He hurried his horse back toward the village. It slowed and stopped on the edge of a clearing. A large buck grazed there. This time his shot was accurate. He cleaned the deer taking it on his hasty return. As he rode from the trees he reigned in his horse. He couldn't grasp what he was seeing. "Spirit Lion, if you are here with me, show me what I am to do " A soft sob led him to a girl hidden in the branches of a willow tree. She held a little boy. They were the only survivors of the attack. In the days that followed, they created a funeral pyre of dead trees, big enough to receive the bodies of their people. They kept it burning until all that was left was bones. They chose new names. She took the name of the tree that had sheltered her and the boy was called Water Bug. Teewahpanyee became Two Feathers and he stated that they were to become a new people. "We will be The People of The Lion." Willow agreed and said that The Lion of Judah was helping them. He was puzzled. The herd of the people was scattered but They managed to catch some of the horses. Two Feathers had a way with them. He took two of them to exercise and while he was gone he found the camp the raiders had used. He didn't share his discovery but encouraged Willow to prepare to leave after they harvested the corn. They headed north to the mountains and spotted what they thought was a cave. It offered a dwelling out of the weather and a place out of view for the horses. Two Feathers left to return to the raider's camp, to send the spirit of their Chief to the next world. He had no idea that he had left his small family in grave danger. The mountain was not sleeping. The cave was a lava tube Willow bravely removed the horses, saved water Bug and all their supplies, while jumping rivers of flowing lava and avoiding searing steam. Even after she evacuated, they were not safe. She had to race for their lives. On the shore of a lake they discovered the Fire Horse. He amazed them. In early spring they sought the route to the Summer Council where many people met. They chose The Blue Stone People and went with them to their village. Being determined to be a family and a separate people brought challenges. The people of the Lion would exist and were chosen.

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ISBN: 9781943984060
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Publisher: Hisgivenstories Lib Publications
Publication Date: August 23rd, 2017
Pages: 264
Language: English
Series: New Life