The Blue Stone People: The New Life Series Book 6 (Paperback)

The Blue Stone People: The New Life Series Book 6 Cover Image
By Dale Bouck (Editor), Maureen Burge (Editor), Louise Bouck
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Three young adults left camp, each with a goal. The two men sought adventure. The woman was focused on life with her own kind, her family that believed as she did. They went their own ways when they reached the wagon trail. They turned west and followed the trail, she crossed it and rode out in the direction of the Hickory River and the largest oak tree that marked her future. Meanwhile an inexperienced Jesuit Priest entered the territory of the camp. Leading his burdened mules. He chose a location near the small lake that was the water source for the people. There he was determined to stay and teach the people about Christ, but soon he realized that he had much to learn. He struggled alone to build a small log church while sleeping in a single walled canvas tent the Jesuits had provided. Soaked to the skin after a heavy rain, he learned how kind and good the people could be. They made a smoke hole in the roof and built a fire on the dirt floor of the church. They brought him dry clothes and a warm meal. He wept at his own inadequacy, vowing to do better. The two young men, Sharp Knife and Singing Wind returned after their adventure with a rare gift for the people and many wonderful stories of their experiences. The woman, Brave Sparrow, the adopted daughter of the Chief had not returned. The people of the camp missed her, especially Moonflower, her Indian mother. Red Fox, their shaman, was viciously killed by a huge gray wolf that entered his tent. Was it a real wolf or an evil spirit? The people wondered. Many frightening things happened that summer. A guard for the horse herd was allowed to go study with Standing Lizard, a powerful shaman. He was to become their new shaman. He had to be saved from the flames of the communal fire. Brave Sparrow returned just in time. She reminded the people that The Great Spirit watched over the people. She inspired awe and love. She brought the people to the large cross that stood beside the little church and opened their hearts to the Son of God. So much more happened that summer. Brave Sparrow gave the people the blue stones and their new name. They were no longer the Winahatah. They traded with the white men and were peaceful. The sudden ground shaking and the church lifting high, was the beginning, as the water of the lake poured into camp The ground split open and Chief Dark Wolf was given a revelation. Brave Sparrow returned again, urged by the Holy Spirit. She once again was able to establish calm order but they had missed the important summer meeting. Trouble was brewing. Warriors from the north; and their evil shaman named Standing Crane; a dead priest; a life or death challenge and an unusual wedding all take place in the camp of "The Blue Stone People," that summer.

About the Author

Louise Bouck is a follower of Jesus Christ. She has been married to her husband, Dale, for more than fifty years. Together they have raised six children. Until an early retirement from her fulltime job at the Arizona Republic Newspaper in 2000, very little time was available to allocate to writing or art. One of the many interests that Louise enjoys is painting on location, signing her work, "littlebird." The lush greenery of Michigan, her home state and the abundant flowers in her grandmother's greenhouses and flower shop all encouraged her eye to appreciate the colors and beauty of nature. Later after moving to Arizona, the rugged landscape of the mountains and desert stole her heart and took her artistic soul in a new direction. The move west inspired the location for her series. Paintings in many media cover the walls of her studio as she has deliberately turned her creative side more to the written word. Hesitantly she withdrew from the art gallery where her work was sold and left the position of resident artist at the local Historical Society Museum. Louise has written ten books in a series of Christian; Bible based stories that she is now starting to release for the first time as she works on still another story and another painting. She hopes that you will be blessed by her work.

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ISBN: 9781943984053
ISBN-10: 1943984050
Publisher: Hisgivenstories Lib Publications
Publication Date: July 22nd, 2017
Pages: 260
Language: English
Series: New Life