Together: The New Life Series Book 5 (Paperback)

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By Dale Bouck (Editor), Louise Bouck
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Finally after so many years, Ben was able to hold his sister in his arms and know that she intended to stay with him and the family at the ranch. As he handed her the cloth doll that their mother made for her to celebrate her ninth birthday, he wondered if they would ever be able to fill in the missing years in their lives. They both intended to try. It wasn't long before the entire family came to the realization that she had trained herself to excel in all she did. They wondered if she would ever be able to let go of the person that was "Brave Sparrow." Her training as a healer came into use as she became an integral part of the growing S. and J. Ranch. Although she had been disrespected by the settlers, she showed strength of character by being what they needed desperately. She made an incredible, sparkling discovery and later once again, she had to become Brave Sparrow to save the Indian nation that had taken her from her parents. Her other-world persona and her amazing gift of a beautiful stone helped her to lead the people to an exciting decision. After she returned to the ranch, she struggled to convey the importance of the emotional moment. Her words painted a lasting picture in the minds of her family as she described the happenings at the village, the lost shaman, the quick actions of the missionaries, the dancing and the great white stallion that led the people to the cross. What she didn't tell was the personal ceremony that had filled her with joy and made her tremble.

About the Author

Louise Bouck is a follower of Jesus. She was born in Michigan and raised in a rural setting. Nature surrounded her home and heart. Her Hungarian Grandmother taught her to appreciate her creative side, teaching her to weave, crochet, draw and bake. Age brought a longing to share what her imagination produced, in oil and watercolor. The abundant flowers in her English Grandmother's flower shop and greenhouses, inspired her. Now paintings in many media cover the walls of her studio in Arizona where she lives with her husband on a quiet mountainside. Hesitantly she withdrew from the local art gallery where her work was sold and resigned from the Historical Society Museum where she worked as resident artist, turning her creative side to the discipline of the written word. In 2000 she began to write the stories that filled her mind. She is now able to release "The New Life Series," ten, Christian fiction books that are filled with exciting adventure, and examples of moral strength. Currently, she is continuing to write and is working on an epilogue for the series, filled with drama, action, romance and so much more. Her aim has been to create books that entertain while teaching by example the moral standards so needed in the world today.

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ISBN: 9781943984046
ISBN-10: 1943984042
Publisher: Hisgivenstories Lib Publications
Publication Date: July 4th, 2017
Pages: 288
Language: English
Series: New Life