The Land's Heritage: The New Life Series Book 3 (Paperback)

The Land's Heritage: The New Life Series Book 3 Cover Image
By Dale Bouck (Editor), Maureen Burge (Editor), Louise Bouck
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From the top of the bluff they used the lookout, to see game, horse herds and this time something different. Beth knew that whatever the men had spotted, it had to be of importance. She could not have guessed the impact such a visit would have on the S. and J. Ranch and her life. Ben and Jed were two young men that never set limits on the fulfillment of their ideas. Hard work with God's help had provided an ample food supply and a cozy shelter they called the hut. Beth appreciated having the basics after not having anything. Ben and Jed had rescued her during her time trying to survive alone after the Indians attacked the wagon train she was on. She was critically ill when they found her. Jed fell in love with her as they nursed her back to health. She became their travel companion and Jed's dazzling smile assured her that everything would be alright. She admired the leather clothes the men had made and the way they pulled their hair back and tied it with a strip of the same leather. Together they made her a dress from a deer skin. Another dress was handmade for her at the settlement. The women worked their skilled hands and produced a wedding gown, simple but beautiful. She and Jed were married and now a little more than a year later, she carried a new baby boy in her arms, as she inquired what they had seen from the top of the bluff. "It looks like the entire settlement is moving along the Hickory River, heading this way," said Ben. In the next few days the goodness of the people was heartwarming, but Ben nearly lost his life in a battle with a horse thief and Melanie Briggs posed another danger as she stole his heart. New neighbors brought joy and a challenge. Later after a raid on the new homestead, Ben rode with the army to retrieve the captives. The Major from the new fort showed his appreciation for the care of his treasured thoroughbred and so the Ranch had its first foal of planned bloodline. Again from the lookout something was spotted. It was a single rider. Ben's life was about to change. He would fall in love and marry. With a strong resolve, he and Jed built a cabin for his long lost sister, Sarah. Would she return? What was her story?

About the Author

About the author Louise Bouck is a follower of Jesus Christ. Until an early retirement from her fulltime job in 2000, very little time was available to allocate to writing or art. One of the many interests that Louise enjoys is painting on location. The lush greenery of Michigan, her home state and the abundant flowers in her grandparent's greenhouses and flower shop all encouraged her eye to appreciate the colors and beauty of nature. Later after moving to Arizona, the rugged landscape of the mountains and desert stole her heart and took her artistic soul in a new direction. Paintings in many media cover the walls of her studio as she has deliberately turned her creative side more to the written word. Hesitantly she withdrew from the art gallery where her work was sold and left the position of resident artist at the local Historical Museum Louise has written ten novels in a series of Christian; Bible based stories that she is now starting to release for the first time as she works on still another story and another painting.

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ISBN: 9781943984022
ISBN-10: 1943984026
Publisher: Hisgivenstories Lib Publications
Publication Date: May 26th, 2017
Pages: 278
Language: English
Series: New Life