Life's Many Journeys (New Life #2) (Paperback)

Life's Many Journeys (New Life #2) Cover Image
By Dale Bouck (Editor), Maureen Burge (Editor), Louise Bouck
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This is book #2 in The New Life Series. The two main characters in the story so far are on the prairie and later walking through the virgin forest of the frontier. Ben Slater, just fifteen, the younger of the two had learned to rely on God and his own ability. Jedidiah Jones was developing a brotherly bond with Ben that would last a life time. On this trip they experience life threatening danger, along with their adventure. A lone surviving woman from a wagon train was discovered by Stump, Ben's dog, as he explored the forest where they camped. Elizabeth Ann Wilson was near death from exposure and starvation. Jed shortened her name to Beth and when she was well enough she became their companion. Later as they battled the strong current of the Silver River, Ben recognizes a sign of the relationship that was forming between Jed and Beth. After they visited at the settlement they returned to Ben's hut and their team spirit began to grow. Jed and Ben had planted a garden before they left and as they went to check it Beth found that a black, male wolf stood snarling at her on the path. Stump jumped in to dispatch the intruder and did so only with the help of a large female wolf They worked together to battle the weeds and appreciated the growing promise of food for the winter months ahead. At that point in his life, Ben's longing was to create a horse ranch on the land his father had chosen. He wasn't quite sure how to do it, but eventually he and Jed would form a plan. Things like a buffalo stampede and a huge boulder that dropped through Ben's roof, shaped their lives. Nature was at work gently molding the raw land into the S. and J. Ranch of Ben's desire. The magnificent stallion that roamed the area with his beautiful herd found himself confronted by their ingenuity. A surround made it impossible for him to keep all his mares and foals. The team work once again proved successful. As they rejoiced at the start of the herd for the ranch, they questioned, how they could keep them. They had to prevent him from taking them back. Later it became necessary to take refuge in Ben's barn. Instead of a hardship they found it a time of pleasurable bonding for humans and animals. Have you ever cuddled with a young foal? Their entire lives together were an adventurous journey, driven by tenacity and devotion that would be recounted by following generations, many times in the years ahead. Join them now in Life's Many Journeys, and feel the deep emotions stirred by the wild frontier and the developing of a ranch that would survive until the end times.

About the Author

Louise Bouck is a follower of Jesus Christ. She has been married to her husband, Dale, for more than fifty years. Together they have raised six children. Until an early retirement from her fulltime job at the Arizona Republic Newspaper in 2000, very little time was available to allocate to writing or art. One of the many interests that Louise enjoys is painting on location. The lush greenery of Michigan, her home state and the abundant flowers in her grandmother's greenhouses and flower shop all encouraged her eye to appreciate the colors and beauty of nature. Later after moving to Arizona, the rugged landscape of the mountains and desert stole her heart and took her artistic soul in a new direction. The move west inspired the location for her series. Paintings in many media cover the walls of her studio as she has deliberately turned her creative side more to the written word. Hesitantly she withdrew from the art gallery where her work was sold and left the position of resident artist at the local Historical Society Museum. Louise has written ten books in a series of Christian; Bible based stories that she is now starting to release for the first time as she works on still another story and another painting. Some of her work may be included as cover art on her books or as color plates of details from her paintings. She hopes that you will enjoy them all and be blessed.

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ISBN: 9781943984015
ISBN-10: 1943984018
Publisher: Hisgivenstories Lib Publications
Publication Date: April 27th, 2017
Pages: 218
Language: English
Series: New Life