Help Yourself Learn in Ten Easy Steps (Paperback)

Help Yourself Learn in Ten Easy Steps By Mary Custureri, Milena Christopher (Editor) Cover Image
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Have you ever been frustrated because you cannot learn something as fast as you think you should or as fast as your siblings or friends seem to learn? You watch some people, who seem to learn effortlessly, and you would like to be the same; instead, you struggle and sometimes even give up. The reality is that those people are not "smarter" than you. Some may have been born with abilities to learn a specific subject faster than average; some may have been exposed too much of the material before they tried to learn it in class; some may be just better learners who know how to utilize the strengths they have and can adjust what they have to do to learn the material. Whatever it is, by following the instructions in "Help Yourself Learn in Ten Easy Steps" you can break down the barriers which are holding you back. "Help Yourself Learn in Ten Easy Steps" is for everyone that wants to improve their learning skills. Originally created as a text book for a university course, this second edition is easy to read and follow for anyone from high-school to post-graduates. "Help Yourself Learn in Ten Easy Steps" has been significantly expanded and now includes more information and step-by-step directions on how to understand your learning styles and how to adapt your learning process to learn more effectively and efficiently. "Help Yourself Learn in Ten Easy Steps" will help you understand yourself and how you can take advantage of the potential and talents you have to learn everything you need to know. Follow the ten chapters sequentially to understand the patterns of what you need to do and how to improve your learning skills.

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ISBN: 9781933190198
ISBN-10: 1933190191
Publisher: Highpoint Publishing, Inc
Publication Date: July 1st, 2008
Pages: 140
Language: English