The Mindless Colouring Book: Braindead Colouring for Exhausted People (Paperback)

The Mindless Colouring Book: Braindead Colouring for Exhausted People By Patrick Potter Cover Image
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"The new way to increase your stress." Finally A grown-up colouring book for immature grown-ups. BRAIN SCIENCE can prove that colouring in an intricate design with expensive colouring pencils can make you more mindful. The hunger for new things for commuters to colour in on their #creativecommute has reached the level of a humanitarian crisis. How can we feed the new addicts of mindfulness with their mindfulness fix? The answer is not pretty. We have to start using horrible pictures of things like overflowing ashtrays and elephants making love. Why? Simple. We have run out of pretty drawings. The Mindless Colouring book is not so much mindful as mindless. It's not even really a book. If you like it, you are an awful, awful person. And do like it. And you're probably going to buy it for your mate Dave as a joke. But is it really a joke? Yes. Yes it is. THINGS YOU CAN COLOUR IN WHILE YOU ENDURE YOUR MISERABLE COMMUTE OR LONG-TERM UNEMPLOYMENT: Crocs & Socks SuperMagicCashFlowJuju Mantra Hipster Beards Elephants Shagging A huge pile of three-day-old washing up Swear words And much much more.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781908211477
ISBN-10: 1908211474
Publisher: Carpet Bombing Culture
Publication Date: July 1st, 2016
Pages: 96
Language: English