More Than Skin Deep! Skin Health Activity Handbook (Strive to Thrive) (Paperback)

More Than Skin Deep! Skin Health Activity Handbook (Strive to Thrive) By Susan Gertz, Susan Hershberger, Lynn Hogue Cover Image
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Whether you breathe it in, smear it on, drink it down, or wash it off, "stuff" in your environment can make you sick...or help you thrive. Strive to thrive (TM) by learning the "dos and don'ts" of skin health. What will you discover in this book? - Can those who don't like the shade of their skin change it? Changing skin shade by making it lighter or darker may come with dangerous side effects, so beware - Applying sunscreen is annoying, so why bother? Test sun protection products and other cover-up methods to check out their benefits. - People with darker skin shades don't need to use sunscreen, right? Determine your skin type and investigate UV radiation in your area to decide what's best for you. And much more Highly recommended by NSTA Recommends, Consumers Guide to Afterschool Science Resources, and Midwest Book Review. Winner of National Health Information Gold Award for Health Promotion/Disease and Injury Prevention and Teachers' Choice Award for the Family.

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ISBN: 9781883822446
ISBN-10: 1883822440
Publisher: Terrific Science Press
Publication Date: January 1st, 2007
Pages: 100
Language: English
Series: Strive to Thrive