The Sword of Hachiman: A Novel of early Japan (Paperback)

The Sword of Hachiman: A Novel of early Japan By Lynn Guest Cover Image
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"Twelfth-century Japan, the dawn of the Shogun era. Two mighty warrior clans, the Minamoto and the Taira, struggle for power of the figurehead Cloistered Emperor. At the moment, the Taira are in uneasy control, but the three Minamoto sons, separated and exiled at birth, are secretly reuniting to conquer the Taira and avenge their father's bloody death. Although the eldest is the leader, it is the youngest, Yoshitsun , whom the warlike monks who sheltered him and trained him in the martial arts deem worthy of possessing the family heirloom, the sword of Hachiman - the sword of the War God. With striking colour and authenticity, Lynn Guest unfolds the story of one of the most romantic and celebrated heroes in Japanese history and legend. Yoshitsun is initiated into espionage and love in the bedchamber of a young Taira noblewoman. Soon tested in the ferocious hand-to-hand combat that is his birthright, he wins his first and most faithful retainer, the fierce, hard-drinking monk, Benkei. We follow Yoshitsun behind the scenes of the rarefied Cloister Court, where the delicate, sarcastic emperor desperately manipulates the lords who hold him prisoner - but who nevertheless must have his blessing to act.

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ISBN: 9781861515636
ISBN-10: 1861515634
Publisher: Romaunce Books
Publication Date: September 12th, 2016
Pages: 372
Language: English